the simple colour manager

save & manage

ClickPalette helps you collect, manage and save all you favourite palettes, whether they're for a project or you just love the colours.

quick & simple

copy colours quickly to your clipboard in one simple click, ready to use.


sometimes it's useful to have a tool accessible, but screen space is key, so minify.


download version 1.1.0 for macOS and Windows now!

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q: how do i rename my palette?

a: click the 'untitled' text in the top left and begin typing.

q: how do i minify it?

a: simply click the minimise icon in top left.

q: how do i delete a color

a: click the bin icon in the top right, then just click on a colour to delete. once you're done click the bin icon again to finish deleting.

q: how do i see the menu

a: click the 'hamburger' menu in the top right.

q: how do i add a colour?

a: in the top right is a + icon, click it, paste your colour code and hit enter, or esc to cancel.

q: how do i add a more palettes?

a: just open the menu, scroll down and click the +.

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